Cycling in Mallorca

Cycling in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca has a network of  1,250 km of roads, 675 of them are local roads and highways with an average width of 6.50 meters with approximately 20% of them being mountainous.

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Mallorca is visited throughout the year by both professional and amateur cyclists; or tourists looking for recreational and ecological fun. During the last few years bike tourism has especially increased mainly with tourists from other countries, where the bike is a vehicle for both work and leisure.

Professional cyclists who have visited Mallorca have a favorable opinion of the island, for example World Champion, Stephen Roche, winner of the Tour de France and Tour d’Italia was recommended to visit Mallorca by Miguel Indurain. According to Roche “Mallorca is fascinating, it has great weather, nature that attracts, and offers superb opportunities for both cycling professionals and tourists.”

Throughout the winter, the majority of European teams train on the island because of the ideal conditions.

Cyclotourism Amateur teams especially enjoy February to May for a well- deserved break from practicing their favorite hobby. Commercial routes, full of great beauty, connect the small towns of the interior, where local culture and the food are more authentic.

We invite you to get to know Mallorca through its numerous routes for cyclists.
Inca trail – Forest – Lloseta – Inca
Llucmajor – Es Pil-lari – Mallorca

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