“Golden Visa”, the Spanish residence permit

“Golden Visa”, the Spanish residence permit

A way for residents of various nations to obtain the permanent residency of Spain and to move freely in CEE-States.

What are the requirements to obtain the permanent residency of Spain?

-          Investments of 2 Million Euros in public Spanish depts through a private person

-          Investments of 1 Million Euros in shares or bonds of Spanish companies or deposits in any finance institute of the country through a private person

-          Acquisition of real estates, at value of 500’000 or more Euros through a private person

-          Investment projects in Spain at value of 500’000 or more Euros through a private person

What is deemed as an real estate?

According to the Spanish civil law (article 334) the following is deemed to be understood as real estate:

-          Properties, buildings, streets and constructions of all kind that are attached to the ground

-          Trees, plants and adherent fruits, that are connected to the ground or are a component of the real estate

-          Everything that is fixed permanently with the real estate and cannot be removed without damaging the material or the object

-          Statues, relief, paintings or other objects that serve for decoration and are attached to the building or are inherited to the owner of the real estate in the intent to be permanently adjunctive

-          Machineries, containers, instruments or utensils that are destined to the owner of an operational or commercial real estate and serve for the purpose of the establishment

-          Stables, dovecotes, bee houses, fish ponds or breeding stations,  in case they were mounted by the owner or if he or she conserves them for the reason to support the property and if they are fixed permanently with the property

-          Fertilizer that serve for cultivation of the grounds of the property

-          Mines, cavities or acclivities, their material while it is in the place of discovery, flowing and standing water

-          Dams or constructions, although floating, that remain due to their modality at a fixed place in a river, lake or coast

-          Administrative permissions for public constructions and landed servitude, as well as rights in rem of properties

If you are interested to invest or buy real estates in Spain in order to obtain permanent residency, we advise you to contact a Spanish law firm that is specialised in this matter.


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