Balearic Islands – Paradise


The Balearic Islands are a heavenly corner of the Mediterranean that fully embraces both tradition and the things of today.

The islands are a terrific place to spend your holidays and to live. They have something for every taste and every nationality, plus the Mediterranean Sea all around.

The largest island in the Balearic Archipelago is Majorca, so named because it is the largest (major) island in size. Majorca is considered the pearl of the Mediterranean, bathed by the sea’s calm, crystalline, turquoise waters.

Thousands visit Majorca each year in search of its mild temperatures, its sunshine, its water and the infinite range of recreational and sport activities available. Movie stars, big-name athletes and of course thousands upon thousands of anonymous families and people come to Majorca to spend a few days relaxing, resting or having fun.
Endless beaches of fine sand, secret hidden coves, mountains, cliffs, villages and quaint towns make Majorca an island paradise just a few hours away from any city in Europe.
And for the more cosmopolitan, the island has haute cuisine restaurants, yacht clubs, museums, galleries, discotheques and fancy boutiques.
Nature, water, boats, extreme sports and sports of every other kind, bicycle touring, hiking, caving, food touring, culture; really, there are a lot of things for groups, couples and families to do.

The Balearic Islands. Paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Sun, sea and much more


Thousands of visitors from all over Europe come to the Balearic Islands throughout the year to enjoy its sunshine, its clear waters and its peaceful coves and beaches; but when they get here, they find a lot of other things having to do with the islands’ variegated culture, its enticing array of foods, its monuments and the vast line-up of sports available (including golfing, boating, cycling and hiking).
The Balearic Islands are more than just a place for tourists to go. It’s an archipelago full of contrasts and flavour, where tradition and the things of today blend together seamlessly.

Adventures in Baleares


Discover the Balearic Islands and make every day a real adventure. In the Balearic Islands, you have your pick of an endless range of action and extreme sports.
Diving, gorge walking, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, hang gliding, kitesurfing, paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking, Nordic walking, and so much more.
Our islands can give you daily adventure, where high-running emotions, risk and adrenaline heighten the striking beauty of the natural surroundings in all their amazing variety.